• Super Green Wonders: The Health Benefits of Moringa

    Super Green Wonders: The Health Benefits of Moringa

    Can you imagine a connection between the mighty Chandragupta Maurya, who defeated the Macedonian general left in place by Alexander the Great, and an unassuming tree with delicate branches and feathery foliage? According to legend, the Ancient Mauryan warriors of India were fed an extract from moringa leaf that was said to give them more energy and strength while relieving them of the stress and pain...
  • Curry leaves: Green magic

    Curry leaves: Green magic

    Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. One such thing is the curry leaf – a tiny unassuming leaf packed with aroma and flavor. It’s a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine, and the herb you are most likely to find in the backyard of every house. I could start off with facts like how its biological name is Murraya koenigii, but I understand that’s...
  • Shiny yellow!

    Shiny yellow!

        Oh, should I explain how much humankind especially Asians love the shiny yellow metal -The Gold! It has captivated the hearts of humans for multiple centuries and the craze has not diminished yet! Going strong still.         However I am going to discuss a different yellow that has captivated our hearts with the look it creates. It contradicts with gold...
  • Turmeric Tales Part 1

    Turmeric Tales Part 1

        The Root Cause of the Root’s fame, is this. Why get familiar and friendly with our new offering, that’s the question. Before we bask in the golden glow of the yellow love from the root, let’s consider the undeniable fact: We currently, (n for a long time to come), live in a global food world. Ships and siliconchips make food, and its’...
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