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NatureMills, a company established in 2016, proudly boasts seven years of valuable experience in the field of international exports. This significant period of experience indicates a seasoned and well-established presence in the global market. We successfully expanded our reach to several key countries, including the USA, Canada, and Japan. This signifies our ability to penetrate highly competitive markets and meet the demands of discerning international consumers.
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NatureMills offers comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions to efficiently manage the transportation and distribution of our products. We have established partnerships and collaborations with various multi-modal freight forwarders and customs handling agents to streamline our logistics operations. End-to-end logistics, or E2E, is a transportation process that covers the entire supply chain. It can include product design, procurement, distribution, transport, and delivery. End-to-end logistics solutions ensure that work is completed within a specified timeframe.

Freight Forwarders

Multi-Modal Freight Forwarders: NatureMills collaborates with a network of multi-modal freight forwarders. Multi-modal means they have the capability to handle various modes of transportation, including air, sea, road, and rail. This partnership allows NatureMills to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective transportation methods for our shipments based on factors such as distance, urgency, and the nature of the goods. By working with multi-modal freight forwarders, we can expedite shipments and ensure efficient movement of our products both domestically and internationally.

Customs Clearance

Customs Handling Agents: NatureMills also partners with knowledgeable customs handling agents. These agents are experts in navigating the complex customs regulations and requirements of both export and import countries. They play a crucial role in ensuring that NatureMills' consignments comply with all legal and regulatory obligations. This includes handling customs documentation, tariffs, duties, and any other necessary paperwork to facilitate the smooth clearance of goods through customs checkpoints.

Customized Products & Packaging

Ingredient Variations: NatureMills offers different product variants to cater to various dietary preferences and needs. For instance, we have natural oils available in variants like cold-pressed, extra virgin, or infused with different herbs and spices.
Flavor Profiles: We create custom flavor profiles by offering natural food products with different taste options. For instance, we have millets with variants like plain, roasted, flakes or ready-to-cook pongal mixes.
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Documentation & Certificates

Export and Import Compliance: NatureMills is committed to adhering to the regulations of the countries we operate in. Our customs handling agents are well-versed in the specific export and import regulations of each country, ensuring that our shipments meet all compliance requirements. This helps prevent delays and issues at customs borders and ensures the timely delivery of products to our intended destinations.

Quality & Testing

NatureMills is dedicated to providing high-quality natural products to its customers. To ensure the quality of its products, NatureMills employs a rigorous testing process that encompasses various stages from sourcing raw materials to the final packaged goods.
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Innovation & ABIS-TBI

NatureMills' collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) Agri Business Incubation Center showcases a proactive approach towards fostering innovation and technology advancements in the field of agriculture and food processing. This partnership brings together the expertise of both entities to drive product innovations and enhance food processing technologies.
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Statutory & Voluntary Registrations

NatureMills is a certified food product manufacturer with licenses from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and holds the status of an exporter with an IEC (Import Export Code) as a Manufacturer Exporter.
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