Customized Products & Packaging

Custom Product Variants:

  1. Ingredient Variations: NatureMills offers different product variants to cater to various dietary preferences and needs. For instance, we have natural oils available in variants like cold-pressed, extra virgin, or infused with different herbs and spices.

  2. Flavor Profiles: We create custom flavor profiles by offering natural food products with different taste options. For instance, we have millets with variants like plain, roasted, flakes or ready-to-cook pongal mixes.

  3. Pack Sizes: NatureMills provides different packaging sizes to meet the needs of various customer segments. This can range from small single-serving packets to larger family-sized containers.

  4. Certifications: We offer variants that carry specific certifications, such as Kosher, NABL accredited lab-test Certificates, or Health Certificate, to cater to customers with particular preferences or dietary restrictions.


  1. Sustainable Packaging: Our focus on natural and organic products, to prioritize environmentally friendly packaging. This could include options like recyclable materials, compostable packaging, or using minimalistic designs to reduce waste.

  2. Clear Labeling: Our packaging include clear and informative labeling to highlight the product's organic and natural qualities, certifications, ingredients, and nutritional information. Transparent labeling can help consumers make informed choices.

  3. Brand Identity: NatureMills has a distinct brand identity, and our packaging design reflect this. This includes the use of specific colors, logos, and typography that are consistent with our brand image.

  4. Protection and Shelf Life: Packaging is designed to protect the product from external factors like moisture, light, and air to ensure product freshness and extend its shelf life. This might involve using resealable bags, airtight containers, or barrier packaging.

  5. Product Information: The packaging typically includes essential product information, such as usage instructions, storage recommendations, and any relevant health benefits or usage suggestions.

  6. Bulk Packaging: In addition to consumer-sized packaging, NatureMills also offer bulk packaging for businesses or individuals looking to buy in larger quantities of LCL and up to FCL.

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